Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hiring the Best California Minimum Wage Violation Lawyers

Employment and labor legislation in place in the State of California to ensure the protection of employees, especially in the aspect of wages. The state’s Labor Code, in particular, states that all employers must pay their employees the minimum wage, which currently stands at $8.00 per hour from the previous $7.50 in 2007. An employer failing to provide the necessary minimum wage to one or a group of employees over time may cause it to face stiff penalties for violation of the state’s employment and labor laws. If this happens to you, then you are entitled to your right to claim up to three years of unpaid minimum wage from the time you file a claim against your employer. However, for this to happen, you must first submit a written complaint to your employer’s human resources department. If said complaint reaches the boss but it failed to address the situation, then you must consider contacting the best minimum wage violation lawyers in California. If instead your employer purposely failed to provide you overtime pay or meal and rest breaks, you must know that you are still protected under the prevailing California labor statutes. By hiring one of the California minimum wage violation lawyers, you can expect a prompt and complete protection and support for your labor abuse claims against your employer.

Know the minimum wage laws in California

The state’s minimum wage is mandated and protected by various legislation  including the provisions stated in the California Labor Code, as well as its wage orders and regulations. The $8.00 minimum wage in the state differs with that of its federal counterpart, which currently stands at $7.25 as of 2009. However, there is an existing rule which provides that if both minimum wages differ, employees are entitled to the higher one. Thus, you are entitled to the $8.00-per-hour minimum wage. However, if your employer fails to follow the said rule, then you have the right to file a claim with the expert help of an employment law attorney in California who is knowledgeable in all the provisions, regulations, and issuance related to the state’s minimum wage violated laws.

Industries where this kind of employment and labor law violation exists include hotels, restaurants, day care, health care, and garment manufacturing. If you are working in any of the said industries, it is possible that your employer might take advantage of you and your co-workers by not providing you the right minimum wages. If you find out that you are receiving your wages on a delayed basis or you are being paid less than the state’s minimum wage for over long periods of time, then it would be in your best interest to seek legal advice from a free legal consultation who is highly competent and capable of aggressively pursuing and effectively handling your minimum wage violation claim.

Recovering lost wages for your minimum wage violation claim

The wages you lost over time as a result of your employer’s failure to provide you the state’s minimum wage for every hour worked can be quite extensive. If your employer makes a habit of engaging in such an unlawful employment practice, then your employer may face thousands of dollars in reimbursing lost wages. Obtaining the best representation of a California minimum wage violation lawyer to help you with your claim will surely enhance your chances of recovering all your lost wages, especially if your employer habitually underpays you or don’t pay you your minimum wages at all.

Why hiring the best California minimum wage violation lawyers is important

Some employees who are being taken advantage of by their employers often try to claim back wages from the latter on their own. However, it has been proven time and again that doing so can be difficult and tedious, especially if they are not well-versed or familiar with the complexities of the legal process that entail their situation. On the other hand, employers can easily dismiss the minimum wage violation claims that their employees file against them primarily because of the simple fact that they have the resources to hire legal counsel in an attempt to protect their operations and defend their actions.

But then, employees who are victims of their employers’ unlawful, habitual acts must realize that deciding not to pursue claims of minimum wage violations against the latter would mean waiving their right to fair compensation. Therefore, if you seriously want to pursue your claim against your erring employer and obtain what is rightfully yours in the first place, then you need to hire experienced California minimum wage violation attorneys to fight for your cause.

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